Process Data Lake : the concept

The Process Data Lake is a concept that we have built up over many years of experience in processing industrial data. Its objective: to simplify the handling of data relating to production processes by industrializing, automating and simplifying the entire processing chain for this type of information.

Data Lake, because it is a solution that aims to collect, store and organize data to provide it to different populations of users: operational, R&D teams, process experts, data specialists …

Process, because our solution natively embeds a large number of concepts that can be found in industrial processes, essential for processing data efficiently in these activities.

process data lake principle

A way to structure industrial data according to business specificities

The Process Data Lake natively supports the following concepts related to the variety of data encountered on an industrial site:

  • Time series data (sensors, quality controls, etc.) and their share of subtleties, such as resampling, interpolation, extrapolation, realignment of non-synchronous series,
  • Data related to batches, operations, campaigns, cycles (recipe, indicators, team, tools, …)
  • Data related to events (scheduled or unscheduled shutdowns, alerts, change of tool, etc.)
  • Traceability data (where, when and how an operation, a batch, was carried out) and genealogy (how the different unit operations are linked together, how an operation implements one or more batches of previous operations…)
  • Measurements and units: we offer a standard framework allowing to manage the homogeneity of the manipulated data as well as the traceability and the automatic conversion of the units for storage and for restitution to users.
  • Description and labeling of data to facilitate their identification and grouping (site, equipment, line, etc.) with the support of several languages ​​simultaneously.
  • Management of data access rights for partitioned access to data according to users.

Continuous data processing

But the Process Data Lake does not stop there and integrates a real layer of computation which makes it possible to combine the data together to transform them into “information” while relying on the structuring in place. In particular, it makes it possible to centralize calculations with a wide range of functions (mathematical, logical, statistical, specific to the problems encountered in the process industries…). This layer allows for example to:

  • Calculate indicators associated with a production batch by combining traceability and sensor data.
  • Calculate a material balance by combining sensor data (for example flow rates) and analysis laboratory data (for example concentrations).
  • Aggregate parameters over time or between them according to their characteristics (for example to compare production lines with each other, make energy balances)

An efficient and reliable technical architecture

Performance: we combine cutting-edge technologies in terms of data storage and processing to provide you with a smooth user experience.

Reliability of data flows: in association with our OIBus collection agent, the Process Data Lake enables continuous and robust multi-source data collection.

Security, sustainability and data integrity: we rely on proven cloud infrastructures to offer high level of security. For more details, we have a Security Insurance Plan covering the measures put in place.

With the Process Data Lake, digitalize your industrial production today

All of these elements of our Process Data Lake allow you to:

  • Reduce the implementation time of a project around production data thanks to a pre-existing framework. So you can directly start integrating your data without having to ask yourself many questions for which we have already thought about the multiple alternatives and chosen the right compromises. In general, a deployment of Process Data Lake takes place over a period that can range from 2 to 5 months depending on its complexity.
  • To facilitate the use of data by your teams in the field thanks to intuitive tools and data structured according to your business logic, but also by your R&D and Data teams by simplifying their access to clean and structured data sets with the proper granularity for their work.
  • Take advantage of all the power of our infrastructures to handle large and diverse data at the best cost thanks to a pooling of computing power.
  • Be agile and keep control of your data processing thanks to tools designed to facilitate configuration.
  • To serve as a preferred data source for your production processes, thanks to its capacities and its openness (through the REST API), the Process Data Lake is thus able to supply your various Information Systems with aggregated information with high added value. You thus capitalize on the business structuring and configuration work carried out.

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