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Analyse de données OIAnalytics

The OIAnalytics data analysis solution uses the latest technologies in terms of data processing to offer you modern, efficient and easy-to-use tools.

In addition, it is a configurable solution giving you great latitude to allow you to make it evolve at the rate of changes in your processes.

Finally, it is a open solution that can communicate with your information systems and tools to have structured and processed data available at any time.

Process Data Lake Module

The heart of the OIAnalytics solution. A data lake designed to collect, structure and combine data from industrial processes. This specialization drastically simplifies the transformation of process data (time series from sensors, analysis results, production data, traceability, genealogy, etc.) into relevant business information.

OIAnalytics’ Process Data Lake allows:

  • To continuously collect heterogeneous data from multiple sources (automation, MeS, LIMS, ERP, operators, etc.) through its REST API or via our local collection agent OIBus capable of communicating securely with your industrial and business information systems.
  • To structure the data with regard to your business, whether for continuous, semi-continuous, batch or discrete processes. Its calculation engine automates the calculation of indicators and business information. In particular, to combine non-synchronous time data (sensor data with sample chemical analyzes for example), to combine traceability data with sensor data to calculate indicators by operation …
  • Provide users with a shared repository of business information built from all your data sources. Also it allows to intelligibly describe the data to facilitate access to information for your teams . And thus give them great autonomy. This business repository serves as the basis for supplying the other modules of the solution with relevent information. It is also open to the outside world through the numerous data export functions of the solution and its REST API for seamless integration with your other information systems.

Dashboard Module

The central visualization and reporting tool for your data. As well at ease on short-term views for piloting as on long-term views for analysis and reporting, it capitalizes on the Process Data Lake business repository to visualize data under diverse and varied forms.

The OIAnalytics Dashboards module allows:

  • To fully automate the generation of your dashboards and reporting.
  • Build multi-level views depending on the angle from which you want to look at your data.
  • Represent your data in many numerical or graphical ways.
  • To share your dashboards thanks to a collaborative approach while being able to manage fine access control rules.

Analysis Module

The solution to gain depth in your data analyzes while giving the hand to your operational teams. Based on proven techniques of statistical analysis and Machine Learning, OIAnalytics analysis tools simplify the work necessary to answer questions that arise regularly in the context of process improvement. In particular, our analysis tools allow:

  • To find which parameters to put under control to reduce the variability of the performance, and to determine the optimal operating conditions to obtain the best performance.
  • To identify sources of anomalies to prioritize the lines of investigation in the field and reduce non-conformities, faults, etc.

Operational Control Module

This module is designed to operationally support process control, and 6 sigma activities. Based on the Process Data Lake and the Dashboards Module, it allows:

  • To simplify the management of control limits and keeping them up to date.
  • To automate the generation of associated SPC control cards and alerts.
Principes de la solution d'analyse du traitement de données, process data lake à l'expertise augmentée

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