“Industrial Performance:  let’s give an easier access to information to operational staff in the plant.

Principes de la solution d'analyse du traitement de données, process data lake à l'expertise augmentée

Leverage your Teams full potential with Augmented Expertise to improve your Production Efficiency.

  • Vizualisation tools for real time operation follow-up and multi-source report creation…
  • Tools based on Machine Learning to accelerate the analysis process of your business experts.
    • Identification of influencing factors, recommendation of optimal operating conditions.
    • Detection of the root causes of anomalies and non-quality.
  • Operationnal control tools, statistical process control.
    • Control cards implementation.
    • Support your lean six sigma initiatives.
  • Action on all performance levers with a single solution: yields, productivity, quality, consumption, energy performance … .

Save valuable time to your Teams simplifying Data Management of your Industrial Processes

  • Continuous storage and structuration of heterogeneous data (time-series, traceability, genealogy, events…).
  • Data structured according to process industry business requirements for continuous, semi-continuous and batch industries.
  • Shared repository of business information built from all of your data sources.
  • Automation of reports and dashboards.
  • Operational staff autonomy from data collection to analysis.

Automate the collection of your industrial data continuously to have the information you need at all times.

  • Heterogeneous, multi-source data collection.
  • Support of industrial and IoT protocols to recover data from production lines (OPCUA, OPCHDA, MQTT…).
  • Data collection from business applications like ERP, MES, LIMS (via SQL, API, Fichiers…).

Switch to Industry 4.0 today, with our Data Analytics solution

OIAnalytics, industrial data treatment and vizualisation solution

With OIAnalytics, benefit from a data processing solution designed for industrial processes. Designed by a team from the industry, it provides concrete answers to operational people who want to make the most of the data from their processes.