“Industrial Performance:  let’s give an easier access to information to your operational staff in the plant.

OIAnalytics Solution principle

Save valuable time to your Teams simplifying Data Management of your Industrial Processes

  • Continuous collection and structuration of heterogeneous data from multiple sources (automation, MES, LIMS, ERP, manual entry …).
  • Data structured according to business requirements for continuous, semi-continuous and batch industries.
  • Shared repository of business information built from all of your data sources.
  • Automation of reports and dashboards.
  • Operational staff autonomy from data collection to analysis.

Leverage your Teams full potential with Augmented Expertise to improve your Production Efficiency.

  • Tools based on Machine Learning to accelerate the analysis process of your business experts.
  • Identification of influencing factors, recommendation of optimal operating conditions.
  • Implementation of control charts to improve process control.
  • Support your lean six sigma initiatives.
  • Detection of the root causes of anomalies and non quality.

Switch to Industry 4.0 today, with our Data Analytics solution


With OIAnalytics, benefit from a data processing solution designed for industrial processes. Designed by a team from the industry, it provides concrete answers to operational people who want to make the most of the data from their processes.